AutoFollow Effective Tips To Ensure Safe Bike Riding In Heavy Congestion

Follow Effective Tips To Ensure Safe Bike Riding In Heavy Congestion

All of us are aware and conversant with how it is during rush hour on our Indian roads. We have conditions where no one remembers their office commutes and satisfies the motorcycle fantasy on mountain trails during weekends. Yes indeed, those office trips may appear amusing, but the tremendous number of cars that encircle you hinder you from moving freely.

The worst is the unnecessary and uncivilized creatures who use it as a vehicle for nuisance trying to drive without proper road manners at all. Moreover, you will need to keep looking at the road as well as the traffic light carefully without being impatient. Finally, those pedestrians who we did not forget, who make trouble and make us believe that they know nothing about the meaning of the zebra crossings.

Here in this blog, we are highlighting effective to-follow tips when riding your commuter motorcycle in heavy traffic conditions.

Our tips will help you ride the bike safely and invest in the required bike spare parts and online bike accessories accordingly.

1. Stay concentrated while riding a bike

Firstly, do you really know whether you can evaluate everything correctly? In most cases, there are three main ways in which the rider is supposed to prepare for his travel before setting out on the road.

First is your mental readiness. You should ensure your mind will be freed of stress before riding away from the gate of your house. To focus all your mental concentration on the road before you, you have to be in your conscience. Therefore, this means no using drugs or drinking alcohol while driving.

The physical aspect of whether your body is ready for it also matters. If you are lucky enough not to have any mishaps or damages to yourself, then you have to fully arm yourself. Basic essentials that form part of the protective gear are a protective helmet straight-fit helmet, a riding jacket, riding boots and gloves, and protection pads. Riding gear should preferably be of a light-colored or even fluorescent color for maximum visibility and safety on the road because at night other riders or motorists cannot clearly see you. Ensuring you the comfort factor in your ride is ensured when the riding gears are adorned/dressed nicely.

2. Ride it slowly and steadily

Yes, it is an old saying but can be interpreted to a big extent with regard to your riding skills. It takes a lot of kilos of attention to ride smoothly, yet by the time you have reached home, broken bones and unscraped bikes are nowhere in the streets. Besides, safety and energy are not the only good qualities of this bike as it also has a lot of healthiness.

The figure for the economy of fuel greatly improves. You will be less likely to destroy the life of your motorbike by stopping from doing that abrupt overwhelming throttle. Pay attention to the gear ratios of your bike, and make perfect upshifts and downshift moves. When it becomes necessary,

apply the brakes progressively without being harsh. It is also important to avoid subjecting your tires, the suspension, or the handlebars to any unnecessary pressure as doing so could take away that smile from your face.

3. Watch for another set of vehicles

Another riding tip that you can follow is having a close watch over other two-wheeler and four-wheeler riders. It is a matter of essential thing for you to observe what’s happening on the road and make riding decision ahead. Also, look in your rear-view mirrors who’s behind you, what is the actual distance, and things like that. Follow these tips to create an optimum distance between other vehicles, signal other riders, and ride safely ahead.

4. Better know your position

There are so many skills that require studies other than watching head movements and tire of the rider. Try to know what the sixth sense of your mind should be saying about the movements of the other rider. By giving a little bit of extra attention you will realize your surrounding area can serve you more than you think. Make sure that there is sufficient space in front of you and then practice those quick lane changes.

5. Maintain distance between your bike and the divider

You must already know the fact that on Indian roads, generally, people travel on the left-hand side while moving ahead. Therefore, it is essential matter to overtake carefully after giving a proper signal and maintaining an appropriate distance from other vehicles.

It is necessary to have in mind and give preference to the idea that since the rider ahead is probably willing to leave the street at the last minute; that is why it is good for you and the traffic around them that they ride to his left side such that they don’t block the traffic

6. Stay above to see what’s beyond

This is, perhaps, the strongest means of communication to inform other riders about you are intending to pass those who lead in the road ahead. Look ahead and slightly up while turning as if you were looking in the direction of a turn to be made. As such, it gives a pre-signal to the riders behind and prevents them from rushing into the turning route. Remember, no signal in your head, the directional sign should be switched up.

7. Cover your bike and brakes

Most often, when you travel into traffic, you hardly know how the vehicle crossing with you will stop. This will lead to a picture of being hit with the rear car or rear bicycle’s back mudguard, i.e., of hitting yourself on the bonnet of the car or rear bicycle’s back mudguard, i.e., of hitting yourself. In order to avoid this condition, you have to hone your braking skills.

Indeed, we have only to make frequent breaks in current situations, therefore, cover both motorbike brakes by keeping a finger near the front brake lever and a foot on the rear brake lever. So it might be useful for you during sudden braking performance, especially if there is an ill-mannered person speaking loudly on the phone right way across your route.


It is important to stay concentrated in the city’s heavy traffic conditions while riding a motorcycle. Follow the essential ways to protect yourself from being hit and even buy bike spare parts online to maintain a seamless riding performance.

Rely on the trusted eShop Hero Motocorp website to buy a genuine range of Hero bikes and scooters spare parts, accessories, and even two-wheelers. Remember, investing in high-quality two-wheeler parts is also responsible for maintaining a safe riding position in congested road conditions.

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