AutoVisa application process from Dubai to Denmark

Visa application process from Dubai to Denmark

If you are planning to move from Dubai to Denmark, one of the first steps would be to apply for a Denmark visa. The Denmark visa from Dubai process involves submitting various documents, paying the applicable fees, and waiting for the visa to be processed within certain timelines. Let’s take a detailed look at the different aspects of applying for a Denmark visa when residing in Dubai.

Documents required

The documents required for a Denmark visa application from Dubai would depend on the type of visa being applied for. However, some common documents that are asked for in most visa applications include:

  1. Passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of the visa application.
  2. Recent passport-size photographs as per specifications provided on the visa website.
  3. Proof of residence in Dubai, for example, valid Emirates ID or rental contract. 
  4. Bank statements for the last six months show adequate funds. 
  5. Employment proof like offer letters, experience certificates, salary slips, etc. (if applying on a work visa). 
  6. Proof of enrollment at an educational institution in Denmark (if applying on a student visa).
  7. Travel insurance covering the entire Schengen area for the duration of stay in Denmark.
  8. Police clearance certificate from the country of origin and Dubai. 
  9. Invitation letter from the host in Denmark (if required for the visa type).

Application fees

The visa application fee depends on the type of Denmark visa being applied for from Dubai. Some common visa categories and their applicable fees are:

  • Tourist visa: Approximately 60 EUR 
  • Student visa: Approximately 110 EUR
  • Work visa: Approximately 110 EUR 
  • Family reunification visa: No fee
  • Residence permit: No fee

It is advisable to check the exact fee amounts on the official Denmark visa website before applying.

Processing timelines 

The standard processing time for a Denmark visa application from Dubai is 15 calendar days. However, this can vary depending on various factors like the type of visa applied for, Nationality of the applicant, Completeness of application documents, Workload at the visa processing center, and External security checks.

Incomplete applications or those requiring additional documentation verification may take longer, up to 30-45 days. Applications by nationals of low-risk countries with complete documentation are usually processed within the standard timeline of 15 days. 

Expedited visa processing in 3 working days is available for an additional fee but is only allowed under certain circumstances like medical or family emergencies. Applicants are advised not to book travel tickets until the visa is approved as processing timelines are only approximate. Status updates are provided via email during processing.

Conclusion: Applying for the visa

Denmark visa applications from Dubai need to be submitted online on the official website. Hard-copy applications are not accepted. After creating an account, the online form needs to be filled providing all personal and travel details. Digital copies of required documents should be uploaded as per specifications. 

The application along with documents and fees needs to be submitted to the VFS Global visa application center in Dubai which is the outsourced partner handling Denmark visa applications from the UAE. Appointments need to be booked online for document submission. On approval, the passport with the visa sticker is delivered to the designated center. This is the first step towards successful immigration to Denmark from Dubai.

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