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Maximize Your Space With a Round Coffee Table With Storage

You know that feeling when your living room looks cluttered and cramped, but you just can’t figure out why? Chances are, your standard square coffee table isn’t helping. It takes up a lot of space but offers little in return. What you need is a round coffee table with storage. It’s a game-changer.

A round coffee table is more space-efficient since there are no hard edges. It creates a cozy conversation area without making the room feel closed in. And one with storage underneath lets you stash all those items cluttering up your space, like books, blankets, board games, and more. Your living room will instantly feel more open and inviting.

If you’re on the hunt for a coffee table, do yourself a favor and consider going round. Your space will thank you, and with the right storage options underneath, you’ll even be able to find your remote again. Win-win! A round coffee table with storage is a simple solution that can make a huge impact.

Benefits of a Round Coffee Table With Storage

A round coffee table with storage is a space-saving solution that offers many benefits.

First, the round shape fits perfectly in smaller living rooms or tight spaces. It allows for easy movement around the table and access to seating since there are no sharp corners to bump into. The smooth edges also prevent snags on clothing, bags, or loose items.

Second, hidden storage compartments underneath the tabletop provide room for essentials like coasters, remotes, books, and more without cluttering the surface. Some options offer multiple drawers or cabinets so you can organize items conveniently. No more digging under the sofa cushions for the TV remote!

Third, a round coffee table has a stylish, contemporary look that complements most decor. The simple but eye-catching shape, often with a glass or wood tabletop, makes a subtle statement in your living room. Look for a table with metal accents, hairpin legs, or a pedestal base for extra style.

Lastly, nesting coffee tables, with a smaller round table that fits inside a larger one, are a great space-saving hack. Pull out the smaller table when you need more surface area, then tuck it back inside the bigger table when not in use. Two tables in one – now that’s maximizing your space!

With the benefits of its practical yet attractive design, a round coffee table with storage is the perfect solution if you want to make the most of your living room without sacrificing style. Tidy up the clutter and open up your space by choosing a table that fits your needs and complements your decor. Your living room will thank you!

Round Coffee Table With Storage Material Options

When choosing a round coffee table with storage, you have several material options to consider based on your needs and decor style.


A wooden coffee table is a classic, stylish choice with most decor themes. Wood options like oak, pine, and teak are durable and long-lasting. Choose a distressed wood with visible knots and grain for a rustic look. Stain or paint the wood to match your existing furniture. Wood tables may require periodic sealing or polishing to protect the surface.


Metal coffee tables, like steel or aluminum, have an industrial vibe that complements modern spaces. Powder-coated metal in black or silver is sleek but may show scratches over time. Wrought iron has an antique appeal but requires frequent dusting as dirt and debris can stick to the ornate patterns. Metal reflects sound, so it may not be the best choice for noisy homes.


For a lightweight, airy feel, opt for a glass coffee table. Tempered safety glass is durable but still fragile. Choose frosted or tinted glass for a textured look, or go with clear glass for an open, spacious feel. Glass shows fingerprints and needs frequent wiping to look its best. It also lacks privacy, as everything stored inside is visible.

Storage options

Look for a coffee table with drawers, cabinets, baskets, or shelves for storing everything from books, magazines, and remotes to board games, craft supplies, or linens. Having storage on your coffee table helps keep the surrounding area clear and clutter-free. Whatever material and style you choose, a round coffee table with ample storage is a perfect multifunctional piece for your living space.

Creative Ways to Use the Storage Space

A round coffee table with storage offers unique opportunities to maximize your space. Here are a few creative ways to maximize the storage area under the tabletop.

Hide clutter in plain sight

Use the storage area to tidy up items you want to keep close at hand but don’t necessarily want on display, like remotes, chargers, books, or blankets. Place matching lidded baskets or fabric bins under the table to keep everything organized. You can just slide the baskets out of sight when the company comes over.

Create a cocktail station

For easy entertaining, turn your coffee table into a DIY cocktail station. Stock the storage area with glasses, a cocktail shaker, stirrers, garnishes like olives and lemon twists, and popular spirits. When guests arrive, you’ll be ready to whip up drinks in a flash. Add a tray on top of the table for an impromptu bar setup.

Store extra seating

Extra seating is always useful if you frequently have guests over to watch TV, play board games, or just chat. Nest folding chairs, stools, or ottomans under your round coffee table for pull-up seating when you need it. Look for options with padding or upholstery for maximum comfort. When not in use, the extra seats slide right back under the table, keeping them out of the way.

Create hidden storage for toys

For families with kids, a coffee table with storage offers the perfect spot to tuck away toys when it’s time to tidy up. Use deep baskets to keep smaller toys, books, puzzles, and games under the table. For larger items like building blocks, Legos stuffed animals, or play food, look for a coffee table with a shelf in addition to an open storage area. The shelf provides an extra layer of storage while still keeping everything accessible for little hands.

With clever repurposing, a round coffee table with storage can gain extra function as a hidden bar, seating area, or play space for kids. Take advantage of all that prime real estate under the tabletop to keep your essentials organized and within easy reach.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, tips and options from DeCasa Collections to help you make the most of your space with a round coffee table that provides storage. A round coffee table is a great choice for small living rooms since its shape opens up the space. And by choosing one with storage underneath, you gain valuable extra space to stow things out of sight. Whether you opt for a lift-top, nesting tables, drawers, or a combination, you’ll gain stylish and functional storage without sacrificing your open-concept living area. Make the most of your space and choose a round coffee table with storage – your living room will thank you.

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